Creating a Solid Business Strategy and Implementation Plan

Strategy development is a unique approach to achieving the goals of the enterprise, based on a deep analysis of the external and internal situation and development trajectory, setting reasonable goals, and creating a comprehensive strategic plan to achieve them.

What is the development strategy development for?

What is a good organization development strategy? First, this means that the system has support at all levels of the company. Help broadly – from the CEO and owners to ordinary employees.

To create a working, genuinely understandable, and therefore potentially realizable document called a “business development strategy” (a system of hypotheses, goals, objectives, and ways to implement them), it is not enough to dress the results of strategic analysis and conclusions from it in a visually attractive form.

The development of a strategy must satisfy specific requirements that follow not only from the classical system of management by objectives but also take into account the specifics of managing strategic (i.e., large-scale and long-term) changes in the organization and business ecosystem.

It would help if you had a development strategy plan

Developing a sound strategy for an organization is a complex process involving many people in and outside the company. Please do not rush to establish a development strategy without preliminary preparation: it can turn out not only not of very high quality but also useless. Training may include exposure to thoughtful and systematic strategy development techniques.

You should develop an implementation plan for the development strategy.

Creating a strategic plan is a negligible job compared to what needs to be done to implement it. After the development of the strategic plan, the main work begins. At this stage, the main difficulties arise, and the sad statistics show that only 10% of companies implement their strategies at least 2/3. At the same time, 36% achieve only 50%-67% of their goals, and 54% of companies do not achieve even half of their dreams.

Strategy development and cascading

Strategy cascading is not the notorious detailing of strategic goals but full-fledged strategic (that is, long-term) planning at all levels of the organization, including individual functions. At this stage, so-called functional strategies and other long-term plans appear. These strategies and techniques are devoted to how the company’s components should change to effectively implement the company’s development strategy as a whole.

Synchronization in strategy development

During cascading, another vital process occurs – the synchronization of strategies. This process concerns the design of divisions or business units that are formally independent of each other.

Take into account all types of resources required to implement the strategy

According to the periodic system of strategic elements, which is an advanced classification of methods and tools of strategic management, resource management plays a crucial role in increasing the likelihood of implementing a strategy. Some of these resources are various types of capital for the company. Here we mean not so much material as intangible resources.

Two-way communication in the development and implementation of the strategy

In implementing the strategy, intracompany communications, which we call the strategic dialogue, are of great importance. This is not just a phrase but a scientific category that also serves for multivariate analysis of the state of the strategic management system in a company.