Effective Apps for Boards of Directors to Check Out Now

Modern managers on duty are forced to solve many different tasks. And they have to confer quite often. Special software for managing companies will help make this process more comfortable. Below you will find a list of the most successful programs that will help make the work of managers comfortable and well-coordinated. And most importantly, now you can confer at a distance.


Among the software for management meetings, BoardMaps occupy a confident lead. When creating this software, all the features of company board meetings were taken into account, and all the pains of managers were highlighted. In addition, the developers have tried to simplify the process of holding a meeting to make it comfortable for all participants.

In the BoardMaps program, your data is stored in encrypted storage on remote servers, so you don’t have to worry – not a single line will fall into third parties. The program is convenient for controlling managers’ meetings, moderating the meeting process, and creating voting and signing resolutions using an electronic signature.


This program is known to many primarily as a virtual data room. iDeals is one of the best providers that provides the ability to keep files secure under the key of solid encryption and double authentication. In addition, many users note the uncompromising user-friendliness of the iDeals software.

For managers, there are also a lot of free “chips.” For example, you can hold your meetings using this program, prepare materials for them, send them out in advance to all participants, and after the meeting, form minutes. All of them are saved automatically in the storage and are available to every user with access to the data.


The developers proposed the provider in 2001 – since then, Diligent has gathered around itself more than 700 thousand managers from 23 thousand companies. The software managed to earn trust due to high standards of file storage security and constant support, which is available around the clock.

In the application, you can share the plan with future meeting participants long before it starts, organize conferences and meetings, upload files in many different formats, vote with an electronic signature and use it to verify documents. You can also make presentations, vote, and appoint additional meeting administrators here.

Board effect

  • The program received relatively high ratings due to its many advantages, namely:
  • A user-friendly interface that most users manage to master intuitively. At the same time, notifications and work with files are carried out in real-time.
  • Compatible with most modern operating systems (Mac, Linux, Windows). Thanks to this, you can conduct meetings from anywhere in the world.
  • Encryption and increased security through double authentication, maximum protection of your documents from tampering.

You can also work with files of different formats inside the software and get developers’ round-the-clock support.


The product was introduced to the market in 2003 and has since established itself as an excellent technical solution for large and serious enterprises. The best servers located in the USA, Canada, and the UK are used to store your files safely.

It’s an excellent choice for a large enterprise looking for a decent data room and an executive meeting platform simultaneously.