Software for Smooth Operation and Functioning of Your Corporate Boards

Board portals is a unique software that allows company managers to hold online meetings, and discuss all relevant issues with colleagues without leaving home.

In this article, you will learn about some of the most successful programs suitable for companies from different industries and sizes.


This software was created in the USA in 2011; it was immediately aimed at large companies, for which every meeting detail can be significant. With BoardMaps, you have complete control over what happens before, during, and after a meeting.

The service’s strength is its focus on managers’ problems – every nuance in this challenging activity is taken into account. Here you can schedule a meeting and document it to the smallest detail.


This service has established itself primarily as a first-class data room. With the help of iDeals, you can set up the work of an entire company (medium or large). Here your files are completely safe, as they are encrypted and stored on different servers worldwide.

iDeals has its virtual meeting room where company managers can hold meetings. The program can automatically generate minutes of meetings; here, you can create a resolution on the work done.

Board effect

This software will allow you to optimize your work with corporate documents and more efficiently prepare for meetings and meetings. The software combines the properties of a board portal and a virtual data room. It has all the tools for safely storing files, working with them, and presenting during a presentation.

The software is compatible with mobile devices and computers on all platforms. In addition, encryption and double authentication reliably protect every document that enters the venue.


The company has been working since 2012 on creating convenient software for managers – now, more than 15 thousand managers of various levels have joined it. This software is based on the problems that managers face when preparing for meetings – everything is greatly simplified and improved here.


The name of this software speaks for itself. Since 2003, developers have been working on creating the most comfortable program for holding meetings without a single sheet of paper.

During the development, special attention was paid to the protection of documentation since it is assumed that here managers will be involved in signing important corporate papers. Again, advanced encryption keys, double user authentication, and compatibility with modern operating systems come to the rescue.


This is a relatively young product compared to its competitors – it entered the market for such software in 2016. But since then, Boardable has evolved rapidly, creating new functionality and adapting the program to the growing needs of businesses of all sizes.

Many people know this service as a data room suitable for medium or large businesses. In addition to convenient meetings, there are also a lot of documentation tools.

Internal integrations allow you to correspond, hold online meetings, and exchange documents over secure data transfer paths.